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Wholesale Blank Apparel & Clothes For Ladies, Men, Youth, Infants & Toddlers.
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1x1 Rib
Also 2x2 rib knit trim. The width of each rib is the same as the width between each rib. This helps the garment retain its elasticity.

2-Way Zipper A zipper with two zipper pulls so that it can be unzipped from either direction.

4-Needle Stitched Double-Needle stitched but with four stitches.

All-Weather Microfiber 100% Polyester Microfiber with waterproof coating and fully taped seams. 100% waterproof.

Anti-Pill A treatment applied to garments primarily to resist the formation of little balls on the fabric’s surface due to abrasion during wear.

Argyle Typically a diamond pattern woven into a garment.

Baby Pique Very small pique knit. See Pique Knit.

Back Pleats Tiny folds in the material on the back of a garment that allow for more room and comfort.

Back Yoke A piece of fabric that connects the back of a garment to the shoulders. This allows the garment to lay flat and drape nicely.

Bartacked Reinforced stitching; for example, the rivets used on the pockets of jeans.

Basket Weave Knit process of weaving yarns back and forth resulting in a two-tone appearance.

Birdseye Jacquard A small geometric pattern with a center dot knit into the fabric.

Blanket Stitch A decorative stitch used to finish an unhemmed blanket. The stitch can be seen on both sides of the blanket.

Blend A term applied to a yarn or a fabric that is made up of more than one fiber.

Bonded Fleece Fleece with multiple layers bonded together to form a higher functioning garment.

Box Pleat A single, uniform fold in the center back of a garment to allow for more room and comfort.

Brushed Cotton Cotton fabric that is brushed to remove all the excess lint and fibers from the fabric, leaving an ultra soft, smooth finish.

Button-Through Sleeve Placket A small placket located on the sleeve, by the cuff, which contains a single button closure.


Wholesale Blank Apparel & Clothes for Ladies, Men, Youth, Infants & Toddlers T-Shirts, Work Pants,
Shorts, Shirts, Outerwear, Polo's, Hoodies, Headwear & Caps, Activewear & More.
Wholesale to the Public - Buy One or One Thousand.

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