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Wholesale Blank Apparel & Clothes For Ladies, Men, Youth, Infants & Toddlers.
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Sandwashed A washing process in which the fabric is washed with very fine lava rocks or rubber/silicon balls resulting in a softer fabric with a relaxed look and reduced shrinkage.

Sculpted Hem A hem that is softly rounded for fashion detail.

Self-Fabric Collar A collar that is constructed from the same material as the body of the garment.

Self-Fabric Sweatband Refers to Headwear & Caps where the sweatband is constructed with the same fabric as the crown.

Serge Stitch An overcasting technique done on the cut edge of the fabric to prevent unraveling.

Side Vents Slits found at the bottom of side seams. They are fashion details that allow for comfort and ease of movement.

Silk The only natural fiber that comes in filament form. Spun from silkworm cacoons.

Singles A term used to indicate the diameter of a yarn; the smaller the number, the thicker the yarn.

Slash Pockets A pocket that has to be entered through a slash on the outside of the garment. The pocket pouch is suspended from and attached to the slash.

Sphere Dry (NIKE GOLF) This patented fabric has a raised "bumpy" surface that lines the inside of the shirt. These bumps not only create an appealing athletic-inspired texture, they also work together like a funnel to draw perspiration from the inside out. The fabric's three-dimensional construction creates air space around you to reduce cling.

Stonewashed A washing process in which the fabric or garment is heavily washed with lava rocks or rubber/silicon balls. The result is a softer fabric with a distressed or weathered look and reduced shrinkage.

Storm Flap A strip of fabric sewn under or over the front zip or snap closure of an outerwear garment to protect against wind and moisture.

Structured A cap style with a lined front consisting of buckram, a stiff fabric, that controls the slope of the cap.

Sueded Cotton A fabric that goes through a brushing process to raise the nap and give the garment a soft hand.

Sueded Nylon See Sueded Cotton.



Wholesale Blank Apparel & Clothes for Ladies, Men, Youth, Infants & Toddlers T-Shirts, Work Pants,
Shorts, Shirts, Outerwear, Polo's, Hoodies, Headwear & Caps, Activewear & More.
Wholesale to the Public - Buy One or One Thousand.

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